Celestial is planned as an "Eco Village" incorporating Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) technologies.

'Celestial' vision is more than green and sustainable; it is planned to create neighbourhoods that enable families to get in touch with themselves and the community they live in. Where the human - nature connection is re-established for a balanced and harmonious life. Where simple building forms are in synergy with the culture and community, nurturing a true expression of inner creativity.

The layout of the site along with climatically appropriate housing typology, landscaping and renewable energy use will ensure a high quality of life

A key feature of Celestial is the green vs the built up space, less than 47% of the 34 acre site is allocated for residential clusters and over 10 acres allocated for green areas and parks. These landscaped spaces will be key visual features of the project giving it a unique quality.

The interconnection between the private and neighbourhood green space will allow a free flow of people to use, enjoy and take ownership of the parks and gardens. The value of quietude will be cherished with traffic-calming road design, avenue trees and minimum of hard landscaping.

Other features like play grounds, walking tracks, shops, ATM and even a resort cum club will provide for an active social and physical life. The inhabitants are invited to participate in solid waste mangement with composting, growing in the nursery, crafts and social out reach programs.

This 34 acre plotted habitat, exclusively designed by Auroville Design Consultants promises to enrich lives and take one closer to nature.

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Celetial eco habitats,
Hanumenahalli, Kasaba hobli,
Sidlagatta Taluk,
Chikkaballapura dist. , Karnataka.

Celestial eco habitats is located in the tranquil Village of Hanumenahalli, 21 km away from Devanahalli and 5 km off the Silk hamlet of Sidlaghatta, is easily accessible from the main roads.

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Resort & Clubhouse Views

Avenue tree layout plan & details

Model House Plan

The individual house design, style and building materials will be guided by an overall architectural style of minimalism. The houses will follow the recommended design layouts to achieve an understated elegance of pure forms that respond to the local climate. Within these layouts, the residents have the freedom to personalize their homes while maintaining an overall architectural style that will give the project a unified character and harmony of expression.

Coming soon - Housing design suggestions

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Design and Architecture:

Ms Suhasini Ayer, Auroville Design Consultants.

Marketing and Sales Associate :

CHARMION Group of Companies

Technical Consultants :

SEMAC Consultants Pvt limited.

Project Specifications

Sl No Line Items Description Comments
01 Project Size Project Size: ~ 34 Acres Exclusive of Celestial Eco Habitat Resort
02 Approval Approval : DC Conversion
03 Approval Approval : Bangalore Town Planning Approval
04 Land Size allocation for Residential Area 47.83% Allocated for Residential purpose. Govt Regulation and Guidance is 55%, We @ Charmion have allocated less for Residential and Increased more of "Greenery" and Wider "Right of Way"
05 Land Size allocation for Park and Recreation Area Park Area - 1.4 Lakhs Sq Foot Large Garden and Park Area
06 Land Size allocation for Civic Amenities Area ~ 65K Sq Foot
07 Road Size 40 Ft "Right of Way" Govt Regulation are 30 Ft "Right of Way for cross roads and 40 Ft for Main roads"
08 Electricity Connection Under Ground Electricity Circuit
  • Power Cables and Other Electrical components to be laid will be as per KEB regulations
Electricity is provide by Karnataka Electricity Board. Charmion will commission Electricity connection as per Govt Regulations and Norms.
09 Plot Marking Four Corner of the Plot will be marked with Granite Stone
10 Roads Interlock Paver blocks with 40M Grade This is as per Industry Norms
11 Street Lights and Garden Lights All Lights will be LEB based bulbs powered by Solar PVs / EB Power Source
12 Security
  • 7 Ft Compound Wall
  • Security @ Entrance points of the Project and Resort
  • We are exploring an option of CCTV
  • Indian Breed Guard Dogs
13 Water Source and Supply
  • Borewell
  • Sump with Hydro Pneumatic Pumps
  • One Borewell In place of 600 Ft Depth.
  • Provisioned to Dig 2 Additional Borewells
  • This is the latest technology used in the system
14 Resort Resort membership for all the Site Plot Owners.
  • Resort will have Deluxe and Regular Cottages
  • Swimming Pool 3 or 5 Lane (~ 18 to 20 Mts Length)
  • Club House recreation Games
  • Mantap for Events
  • Kitchen and Dining Facility
4 Acres of Land allocated to the development of Resort.
15 Compound Wall Entire Perimeter of the Layout will be fenced by 7 Ft high compound wall Solid Cement bricks masonry with Mud Plastering and Ridge Tile Coping
16 CA Area ATM / Pharmacy / Grocery Store Area Demarcation and Build up
17 Bio Swale For Ground water perculation - similar to Storm Water Drains Technical Information / Design as per the design provided by Auroville Design Center.
18 Project Principle Architect Ms.Suhasini Ayer From Auroville Design Center
19 Project technical Consultant SEMAC All Technical requirement design by SEMAC to meet Architect expectations.
20 Project Management Development Charmion Builders and Developers
21 Gardening and Tree Plantation Fruit Bearing Trees across the layout, as per recommendation from Auroville Design Center (~ 400 Trees) This activity is supported by Sidalaghatta Horticulture Department. Refer to design document - "Tree Plantation"
22 Rain Water Harvesting
23 Telecom Provision for Telecom connection Dependency on Service Provider
24 Facilities avialable within Plot Every Plot will be terminated with
  • Water connection.
  • Conduiting from Electrical Feeder Box to Individual house for Electrical Connection
  • Conduiting for Data Connectivity.
  • Green / Tree Plantation as per the Design specification
  • Data connectivity depends of Service Provider availability and Feasibility.
  • Plot owner will need to opening electrical connection when planning to construct a house as per guidelines from Electricity board regulation.
  • Liaison person with KEB Authorities would be recommended.
25 Sanitary / Sewage Connection Individual Plot owners will need to buy and install Sewage Treatment Plants meant for Residential use. specifications will be made available.
  • Similar design would be implemented for Site Office toilets
  • Recycled water to be used for Plantation
  • Maintenance Support will be arranged.
  • Equipment Warranty as per OE specifications.
26 Path Ways Pathways will be laid with Sadarhalli or equivalent Granite unpolished Slabs.
  • Mock up can be seen in Project Site.

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